Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

My experience on the birth control spiral

Why have I dedicated my entire private practice to helping women understand their options, navigate birth control, fix their period problems and optimize fertility? Because I’ve been there too! 

My journey started at the early age of 13. Much like any teenage girl I suffered from some serious acne (and I still do from time to time as an adult, but that’s a story for another day). My mom, like any other mom, sent me to the doctors office and I left with birth control that same day. There wasn’t any discussion, risk benefit analysis or alternative solution. I was a young girl who had just started menstruating, and my doctor probably assumed that I would become sexually active at some point in the near future so birth control was her best option. 

So what did I do? I listened to my doctor. I started taking “the pill” and I never looked back. The first few years I didn’t notice any “side effects” (but how would I? I didn’t know life any other way. I had barely begun puberty). I also felt “cool” taking the pill because, much like a lot of my friends I was taking the pill, which was associated with being a “woman”, and what young girl about to enter into highschool doesn’t want to fast forward into adulthood. 

After a few years on birth control, I realized I just didn’t feel “well”. I suffered from moodiness, painful “periods”, bloating, frequent yeast infections, oh and my acne was still there. I was told the answer would be a “different” birth control. I was switched from pill to pill, from the pill to the hormonal ring, but still felt the same. I searched for more answers and asked my doctor about the frequent yeast infections, which she assured me had nothing to do with hormonal birth control. So I avoided sugar, vinegar, dairy and many other foods, and still without fail continued to suffer from yeast infections. 

It wasn’t until I was in my first year at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where I finally spoke to a naturopathic intern who told me the hormonal birth control was in fact associated with my frequent yeast infections (along with all of my other symptoms). So that day, without question I discontinued. It had been TEN years and I was ready for a change. 

After stopping birth control, things were not all peaches and roses like I had assumed they would be. My acne became cystic, periods were 60-70 days apart, excruciatingly heavy and painful, and I was diagnosed with 3 fibroids. 

From that point forward, I did testing & acupuncture, made dietary changes and took supplements specific for my concerns. It was an uphill battle, but I was FINALLY able to balance my hormones after years of imbalance.

My story does NOT have to be your story. Had I learned how to support my body WHILE on birth control and understood the importance in continuing to do this before I came off, I probably wouldn’t have had such a difficult time.

This is WHY I’m hosting the LIVE workshop “The Birth Control Solution” (CLICK TO REGISTER)

Who is this workshop for?

This birth control solution is for anyone:

  • Worried about their symptoms coming back
  • Worried about pregnancy prevention post birth control
  • Wanting a solution to their PCOS endometriosis, fibroids
  • Wondering if there are other contraception options for their daughter

What you’ll leave with

  1. A roadmap to understanding HOW to safely discontinue birth control and mitigate unwanted symptoms
  2. A good foundational understanding of how birth control works so you can make informed choices that make sense for you
  3. A confident approach to getting pregnant AND avoiding pregnancy post hormones that leaves your worries behind
  4. An alternative solution for your contraceptive needs


Looking to understand MORE about the potential birth control side effects you are experiencing?

CLICK HERE to download your FREE guide.

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