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Is when you eat sabotaging your weight?

Did you know? WHEN you eat is just as important as what you eat when it comes to your health.
Research has concluded that eating late is associated with increased risk of obesity, increased body fat and impaired weight loss success. 

Some would argue that if you are eating healthy, the window in which you eat shouldn’t matter, but did you know that eating later actually has in impact on your hunger levels, & the way you burn calories. 

In one study, participants ate an early meal schedule followed by the exact same meals eaten 4 hours later in the day. They also maintained the same sleep and wake schedules. They had bloodwork taken and documented their appetite levels throughout the study period.

Results found that eating later decreased significantly for 24 hours in the group that ate later (this is the hormone that makes you feel full). The participants in the later eating group also burned calories slower and were more likely to create more fat tissue. So how do we stop eating later at night? Sometimes with work it is hard to maintain an earlier eating schedule, but if you are experiencing cravings later at night it is time to look at what your day entails.

Do you crave sugar?

You probably need more fibre fat and protein. 

You may consider starting your day with a high protein meal.

Work shift work?

 I often have my patients working shift work pack high protein snacks & encourage them to take their full lunch breaks to ensure they can eat as regular as possible

Check out the study here:

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