My experience on the birth control spiral

Why have I dedicated my entire private practice to helping women understand their options, navigate birth control, fix their period problems and optimize fertility? Because I’ve been there too!  My journey started at the early age of 13. Much like any teenage girl I suffered from some serious acne (and I still do from time […]

Why we’re missing the mark on informed consent in women’s health.

Do you remember your last visit to the doctor? Did you leave feeling confident and empowered, or helpless and confused about your next steps of care? Did you ask the right questions? Or did you leave with more questions than answers? Now if you felt confident and empowered, then your practitioner has done their job […]


Looking for more resources to support your hormonal health journey? Click below to download additional resources. How was your last doctor’s visit? Download my FREE guide to questions you should be asking as your next women’s health visit. Is it time to ditch your birth control pill? Learn about the side effects you may not […]

Maple Glazed Gluten Free Baked Donuts

Do you ever just have an insane donut craving? This recipe is a delicious treat for anyone looking to quench their sweet tooth cravings while also keeping gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. When you are trying to balance hormones it is important to be mindful of reducing inflammation, balancing sugar and promoting optimal gut […]

The birth control lies you’ve probably been told

I speak to patients DAILY who have been told that the answer to all of their problems lies within their birth control pill. Whether they have irregular periods, painful periods, fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS, the treatment remains the same.  But why? These conditions all have very different root causes and therefore require different treatment but […]

Are there effective non hormonal birth control options?

The most common question I get from those thinking about discontinuing their birth control is “well how will I avoid pregnancy?”. This common question stems from what we have been taught as women. We have always been given two options when it comes to our menstrual health and fertility: Take hormonal birth control and avoid […]

Do your lady parts actually need that “PH Balanced” wash?

Vaginal washing is a common practice worldwide, and is motivated by perceptions that the vagina by nature is “unhygienic” (1). Methods of vaginal washing vary greatly across different regions. In the united states, women are more likely to douche (using a jet or stream of water) a few times a month using commercial products (1). […]

Do I really need to lose weight in order to get pregnant?

When you have been struggling with infertility, Dr. Google can be an overwhelming resource. Most women want to know everything that they can do to help improve their chances of conceiving, whether that is through improving their response to IVF medications or improving egg quality and hormone balance to conceive through IUI or natural cycles. […]

What do the cysts on my ovaries actually mean?

My doctor told me I have cysts on my ovaries, does this mean I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? This is an extremely common question I get from my patients. Given the name, “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”, it would make a ton of sense that if you were told you had cysts on your ovaries, this would […]

[Video/ Audio] What does a diagnosis of PCOS actually mean

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 Have you been diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome? Do you think you may be suffering from PCOS but have yet to be diagnosed?  This latest podcast episode is for you!  In this episode I talk about the following :  What does the diagnosis actually mean ? Why is it so difficult to get a […]