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Cockroaches & Antibiotic Resistance


Of course cockroaches get a bad rap (I don’t like them much either, YUCK), but apparently we may need them more than we think!

According to scientists, cockroach brains contain powerful antibiotic properties which may be able to be used in our current antibiotic resistant world! Due to the unsanitary environment these critters live in, it would make sense they would need to develop protection against many strains of bacteria in order to survive, and fortunately bacteria have not become resistant to these mechanisms.

Studies found that when tested, the cells of the cockroach brain & nervous system was able to kill 90% of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus- causes several serious infections in humans & is very hard to treat) & Ecoli without harming ANY human cells!

These drugs may in the future be able to treat these conditions without many of the harmful side effects which we currently experience with our standard line of antibiotics.

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