Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

The NO List: What ingredients to AVOID in your beauty products!

When we shop for our beauty products things are already complicated enough! We have to ask ourselves SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Everything from: Do I like this product? Does it achieve what I want it to achieve (ie. does my foundation make me break out, does it offer full coverage, does my shampoo give my hair enough volume? etc) Is it in my price range? … these can be just SOME of the questions you have when purchasing those beauty products, but what question should you really be asking? Well I think the first question we need to ask ourselves is “Is my product full of crap?!” 

Surprisingly (and disappointingly) enough, the majority of the time your answer will be YES. How do you know? Well unfortunately you have to do a lot of the digging on your own since these aren’t things readily advertised, but the environmental working group has a list of the “dirty dozen endocrine disruptors” that we should steer clear of in our beauty products, so here they are: 

1- Phthalates- Phthalates are used as a lubricant in beauty products and can be found in anything from nail polish and shampoo to deodorant and perfume, and studies have linked this chemical to cell death, low sperm counts, reproductive system changes and other hormonal disruptions. 

2- “Fragrance”- This can cover up a wide range of harmful chemicals, and is best to avoid as an ingredient altogether.

3- Parabens- These are preservatives in beauty products which stop the growth of bacteria and have also been associated with hormonal disruptions. Parabens have also been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer 

4- Triclosan- This is an antimicrobial added to many products to stop the growth of bacteria. This chemical can be responsible for hormone disruption and the creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

5- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Also known as (SLES)– This is an ingredient causing beauty products to “foam” and has been found to be a major skin & lung irritant.

6- Formaldehyde- This has also been used as an agent to prevent bacteria growth and has been found to be a carcinogen

7- Toulene- This can also be listed as benzene, toluol, phenylmethane, methylbenzene and has been seen to cause fetal harm in pregnant women

There are many companies who pride themselves on NOT using these harmful chemicals. Here are the ones I have tried & LOVE. 

  • Cocoon apothecary – Amazing face creams & oils
  • DECIEM – They have tons of great & affordable serums
  • Live Clean- Lots of great products, I love their shampoo!
  • Derma-E- This is the brand I use for all of my face washes & moisturizers 
  • Pure Anada- I have yet to try many of their products, but their foundation, bronzers, highlighers & serum are all fantastic.
  • Sukin – I have just started using their moisterizers & I am in love! (bonus: they smell amazing & are super affordable!)

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