Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Your Cervical Mucous 101

Cervical mucous changes can give you a good indication as to your fertility status (see my article on tracking your cycle), as well as allowing you to properly identify when something is ‘just not right’.

Cervical mucous changes throughout the cycle in response to changes in hormones. A normal cycle length can be anywhere from 21-35 days with day 1 being the first day of your period. Below is the typical pattern of cervical mucous throughout the cycle:


  • Right after your period there will be very little to no cervical mucous 
  • After a few days of “dryness”, cervical fluid will change to “sticky or pasty” and this is not considered to be our most fertile period
  • Cervical mucous will change from sticky/pasty to “creamy” (feeling similar to lotion or cream) and may change colour slightly to yellow, white, or beige. This change in mucous can indicate a possible increase in fertility. 
  • Next comes the most fertile cervical mucous. This looks and feels like “raw egg white” , is slippery, and can be stretched between your fingers. This mucous is usually clear and may also be a bit watery 
  • Following ovulation (around days 13-15 (based on a 28 day cycle), about 2 weeks before your period, fertile mucous will dry up and there will not be very many changes in cervical mucous until the next cycle 


If you are noticing discharge that is present in copious amounts, is irritating, or presents with a foul odor please see your medical or naturopathic doctor to have a pelvic examination and proper swabs.

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