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Dr. Laura Pipher

Hormone Testing 101

Have you ever tested your hormones? .
If so, how ?  


Has your doctor sent you for a blood test?
Did they tell you to get your blood draw done on a certain day, or time of day ? .
Were you able to get the information you needed from your testing ? (ie. did you get results from treatment, was the information valuable) .

Do you understand the difference between blood, saliva, and dried urine testing? 
How do you know which testing is best for each hormone (Saliva, blood, urine) ?

In this video I am discussing: 
???? The symptoms that can manifest with specific hormone imbalances .
???? Why testing is so important (#testdontguess ) .
???? WHICH testing you should have done and why
????BONUS???? I will be showing you my own personal test results and talking about what the results mean .

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