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Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Why Valentines Day can be great for everyone!

Heres how it usually goes,

February 14th rolls around and people everywhere are feeling many things.

First are the singles who are just fresh out of relationships,  or those who have suffered some pretty horrible heartbreak, both of which find Valentines Day to be a morbid reminder of what could have been, and what is not. Second, there are those who are just bitter for one reason or another and avoid the day as much as humanly possible. Third, theres those in relationships that are either stoked about the fact that they KNOW their partner is going to do something extravagant (obviously to put on a display to show everyone else that they are in fact worthy of being in a relationship on this holiday) and  those in relationships that end up upset or even angry that their partner either failed to pull through, or just missed the mark SO far that nothing can save their holiday now.

So most of what people are feeling seems to be negative. People are either hurt or mad as a result of things “not going the way they expected”, or feeling down because of events they had already anticipated to happen with this “couple-centered holiday”.

So why do we celebrate it anyways?

Personally I think Valentines Day is an incredible holiday (even though we don’t get the day off of school….). Ya ya I know what you’re thinking…”that’s because you are in a relationship”. NO, that is not it at all! I LOVE Valentines Day because it is supposed to be about LOVE, and love in every form, is a beautiful thing!

Yes I do agree that it has become the most materialistic holiday filled with expectations and sadness, not to mention the HUGE pressure it puts on significant others of those in a relationship. Those who are single think they have it bad, imagine having to pull through on a day like Valentines Day??? The one day out of 365 where every couple is competing as to who has the better relationship based on what their partner did for them; I wouldn’t want to be the guy scrambling to figure that one out.

But wait, its ONE day, right?

SO whats the big deal? WHY oh WHY do people constantly judge others and themselves  based on what happens on this one day and end up with feelings of hurt and jealousy when it’s doesn’t turn out as expected?

so drop the expectations !

how about just loving and being loved this Valentines Day?

It really doesn’t matter what your situation is. If you’re single, married, in a relationship or whatever else, you can feel love and be loved on Valentines Day!! We should be showing those we love and care about how much we care on Valentines Day, and every other day of the year for that matter! And guess what? We can most definitely do this without all of the bells and whistles, or the massive public displays of affection.

Do what makes you happy.

Have a night out with your girls, guys, or family. Stay in and watch a movie. Drink too much wine and eat too much food. Rant about your past “awful relationships” or “why you hate Valentines Day” to all of your closest friends if you need to!

Just remember to LOVE in the present, and APPRECIATE those who love you. By no means should this be done once a year, but on Valentines Day this year- lets make it a requirement!


—and dont forget to go out on the 15th and get all the 1/2 price candy 🙂



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