The Hormone Hub Method

After years of working with women just like you, I have realized a few things.

Women need more when it comes to healthcare. Often times we are thrown into doctors appointments, given 15 minutes, one problem and end up leaving with a prescription that may or may not work. 

At no point are we having one person take a look at our entire case & search for the root cause.  The answers always seem to be a prescription. 

Do you have period problems? birth control 

Trying to get pregnant? start fertility medications

Starting menopause? hormone replacement therapy. 

Here’s the thing. These interventions all have a time and a place, and can be helpful for the short term, but we need a long term solution. We need a care plan that incorporates a holistic approach like diet & lifestyle in order to not only help treat your concerns, but improve your life. 

Let’s get out of symptom management mode & finally bring your hormones back to calm. 

The Hormone Hub Method

My unique methodology was developed after working with women for years & understanding that health is a lifelong journey rather than a one stop solution.  I realized that bringing women to hormonal harmony required: 

My Five Pillars of Care

My five pillars of care are the foundations of your hormonal health. When we work together, I take you through each pillar, and we review achievement points in each pillar to create your unique starting point for our active phase of care. Once you have completed all five pillars of care, you will enter into the maintenance phase, where we work towards keeping you where you are at in your optimal stage of health. 

Each pillar in the hormone hub method is the foundation in moving you towards hormonal health, and the order in which we do things ensures long term success. 

How it works

Why I do what I do

“I believe that your health deserves better”

– Dr. Laura Pipher