Are You Ready to Fall Back into Health?

As the days get shorter, the air gets crisper and the leaves change colour, some can feel the bone chilling cold of the winter is just around the corner, and others wait all year to finally see the beginnings of fall. Whichever side you may be, we all tend to get into the same sorts […]

Why You May Want to Think Twice Before Taking Those Antibiotics

Antibiotics definitely have their place in treating many stubborn bacterial infections, however prescribing them when they are not necessary (eg. in a viral infection), or overprescribing them can have detrimental effects which include creating¬†stronger more resistant bugs as well as killing good bacteria in the gut which is essential to a healthy immune system. Related […]

Combatting the Deep Freeze This Winter!

The weather this winter has been a little less than ideal with the snow storms and the freezing wind chills, and frankly this creates an added excuse to not get out of bed in the morning! Personally, I loathe even the thought of winter, and this year being especially chilly has really thrown me through […]