Is your POOP normal?

Many people feel embarrassed talking about what comes out of their “you know what”, but don’t realize how important this information is, especially to a naturopathic doctor. This is our “bread and butter”, if you will. Well this post is for those of you who are too scared to talk about it, so lets break […]

Why You May Want to Think Twice Before Taking Those Antibiotics

Antibiotics definitely have their place in treating many stubborn bacterial infections, however prescribing them when they are not necessary (eg. in a viral infection), or overprescribing them can have detrimental effects which include creating¬†stronger more resistant bugs as well as killing good bacteria in the gut which is essential to a healthy immune system. Related […]

Gut Health & Neurological Disease

They say you are what you eat, and more research as of late has identified the importance of the gut microbiome and its relationship to the development of some neurological diseases! What we eat can have a major impact not only on our digestive system, but also on our mood and the development of many […]