Postpartum Treatments

When did we decide that 6 weeks was enough time to completely heal after making a human from scratch? Trust me mama, I’ve been there!

Pregnancy was whirlwind, with either appointments, ultrasounds or bloodwork seemingly weekly. But once I finally had my son, all of that suddenly stopped. I felt overwhelmed with the questions I had about him, being a new mom, so there wasn’t any time in my 3 postpartum visits to ask about me.

I was exhausted and overwhelmed; my back hurt and my pelvis was sore. I wanted to get back into exercise but the sensation of my bladder moving around was too intense. But I was a mom, so this was expected, right? Where was my follow up?

Having a baby can leave you feeling depleted and getting to know the “new you” takes time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve support. I support women postpartum so that they are able to show up for the people who need them most.

Just because you’re a mom does not mean you deserve to be:

I speak to so many moms, many of them tell me that their concerns were “brushed to the side” when they told their practitioner they felt depleted or overwhelmed. Many feel that the return of an insanely painful and heavy period is something they have to deal with.

I help postpartum women:

If your period has returned for more than 6 months and you are still having problems, the period passport online program may be for you!

Why I do what I do

“I believe that your health deserves better”

– Dr. Laura Pipher