Period Passport

Is your period holding you back? Let's fix your period problems for good!

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Not quite ready to dive into 12-weeks?

The mini-passport masterclass is for YOU. The mini-passport masterclass was designed to provide you with education surrounding your period
so you can feel confident when it comes to making choices for your health. Are you looking for a diagnosis for your concerns? Do you feel like something else must be going on with your health? Has someone told you that your monthly suffering is normal? The mini-passport masterclass is an intensive class created to help you understand how your hormones work, what your body is trying to tell you & why hormonal balance requires a holistic approach.

Your journey to a healthy period

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I grew up thinking that my periods were “normal”, a rite of passage, and something I just had to deal with.

Doctors gave me birth control, which I took, thinking it was “fixing my problems”. I jumped from pill to pill, from the pill to the ring, trying to find the “right hormones for me”. I suffered frequent yeast infections, painful periods and STILL had the acne I had initially sought treatment for. One day I decided enough was enough. After stopping birth control I realized it had not “fixed” anything at all.

My periods were painful and irregular, I now had a diagnosis of fibroids, and my acne, worsened.

Using my knowledge & tools as a naturopathic doctor, I was able to get my periods under control, my fibroids disappeared & planning for fertility became a whole lot easier. 

Becoming a naturopathic doctor has shown me that treating women’s health concerns goes far beyond birth control, and for so many women, we are truly doing them a disservice in only giving them this “treatment” option for their concerns.

It is my greatest passion to help my patients navigate through their period problems and bring them to their final destination of optimal health. I have created the period passport to accomplish just that.

– Dr. Laura Pipher

After working with many patients over the years, I realized a few common themes:

  • Most patients don’t actually understand how their period works
  • Most period related concerns are so common that we are made to feel that suffering is “part of having a period”
  • Most patients are not getting the right tests to establish a proper diagnosis
  • Birth control is the most common "treatment" for period related concerns, yet patients are shocked when they realize that it doesn't "treat" anything at all

The Passport

Health starts with healthy periods!

A passport is defined as “something that secures admission, acceptance or attainment”.

My goal is to provide you with tools to help you achieve optimal health & fix your period problems for good. Through education, trackers, and implementable actions, the passport walks you through the steps you need to finally:

  • Understand how your period actually works & why you suffer from certain symptoms
  • Understand why treatment is more complicated than just taking a pill
  • Get the testing you need to uncover the proper diagnosis
  • Build the foundations and create a treatment plan that fixes your period for the long term

The Period passport is designed for those:

  • Wanting to normalize their period
  • Who feel like something else may be going on & want the tools to pursue further investigations
  • With painful & heavy or irregular periods
  • With mid cycle spotting
  • Diagnosed with PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis
  • Suffering from mid cycle symptoms such as breast tenderness, acne and irritability
  • Diagnosed with PMS

Why I have created the period passport?

  • I want you to feel SUPPORTED in a community of like-minded individuals searching for answers to their period problems
  • I want you to feel EMPOWERED to find and use the tools to start tackling your health concerns
  • I want you to UNDERSTAND that you have options when it comes to your healthcare
  • I want you to understand that you DON'T have to suffer and your period does NOT have to rule your life

But the most important part of the period passport?

The community.

Over the years I have surrounded myself with some bad-ass go getters who are willing to do what it takes to challenge themselves, change their health and master their life. They want MORE from their healthcare, answers to their questions, and know that they deserve it. I want my passport members to feel a part of a community, so that they feel supported in all of their health endeavours.

Regardless of your age and stage, your periods matter!

Why I do what I do

“I believe that your health deserves better”

– Dr. Laura Pipher