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Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

ohhh the wintertime cold…..

Like many of you, I have been suffering the past week or so from the common cold, which as everyone knows is the worst thing ever! You’re tired, stuffy, coughing, and just feeling like crap in general!

There are however a few things that help not only ease my suffering but I find help me recover and recoup a whole lot quicker, which we all know is important when there is ALWAYS so much to do!!

One thing that most people know is that they have to get LOTS of rest, but thats not always easy, especially for someone like me who can’t sleep when my nose is too stuffed up to breathe, and the night time only makes everything worse. Wet socks or “warming socks” are something that I have recently been practicing that help to alleviate my congestion and help me sleep much better!

Start with some cotton ankle socks, soak them in cold water and then wring them out before putting them on at night (I know it sounds awful but its not that bad!!). Layer them with some DRY wool socks (wool works best but a wool cotton can be okay) and then go to bed! This should help ease your congestion since the blood will be moving towards your feet to warm them up and this also gets you’re immune system working which will help you get better fast!

I also love teas when I have a cold, they can be simple from just hot water with lemon, to adding a bag of green tea, nettle tea and some cayenne pepper (really helps to clear the congestion)

And sometimes when your body tells you to slow down, you just have to listen!

Happy health in this cold and flu season!

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