Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

My Pregnancy Journey & The Things No one tells you


For those who do not already know, I am almost 6 months pregnant! (Time flies….. or does it..?)

Join me as I get a little bit personal & talk about my experiences in pregnancy so far. 

I am talking about :

  • The symptoms that have nothing to do with morning sickness 
  • The many fears and anxieties that women tend to suffer with alone . 
  • My tips on what to expect while you’re expecting 

And more … 

Note: this episode is also available as a podcast on The Well Women Podcast- You can find this anywhere you listen to your podcasts including: Apple podcasts, stitcher etc . . 

Or Listen here : https://anchor.fm/laura-pipher/episodes/My-pregnancy-journey–the-things-no-one-tells-you-e4ldk9/a-aj1plg 

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