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Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Mental Illness or mental wellness? .. Erasing the stigma

There is a definite obsession in society today with the physical. When we are feeling “off”, or “not ourselves”, where does this come from? Our thoughts and emotions are never taken with as much urgency as our sores and pains… But why is that ?

This problem exists not only in the social community but in the medical field as well. People ask concrete questions searching for concrete answers. But concrete is not always the best approach. Our thoughts and emotions are VERY physical and very real, and what people are unaware of is that many symptoms are much more than a manifestation of the physical. This is something naturopathic medicine has began to teach me a lot about.

The bottom line is that mental illnesses exist in many forms and we need to be open to discussing them! For some reason it has become taboo, yet most people including myself are affected either directly or indirectly by some kind of mental illness.

An article I read in the news early in December really hit home. A student from the university of Guelph had taken his own life in a Guelph residence and streamed it on a website.  No one did anything to prevent this from happening. Living in such an electronic era is leaving us all disconnected from one another, and with many people out there in “cyberspace”– we are still alone.

So how can you do your part?? TALK

keep yourself PROPERLY informed, don’t believe everything you read. stay educated so that you can help to educate others, and more IMPORTANTLY, talk to those around you– how are you feeling? how are they feeling?

life is stressful and many people handle it differently, thats okay! — lets help each other get through it!

Today I wish I had bell as a service provider. But #LETSTALK anyways

let’s end the stigma and promote mental WELLNESS instead of condemning mental ILLNESS

below are some resources!

Mental Health


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