Meet Ashley LeClair

Mental Health Coach

Ashley LeClair is a mental health coach and advocate that has dedicated her life to supporting others. Ashley has worked in social services for 7 years supporting our communities most vulnerable, including women and youth in conflict with the law and human trafficking survivors. Ashley began seeing clients privately in 2019 and has recently teamed up with Dr. Laura to provide holistic support to patients. 

Ashley is so grateful every time someone trusts her with their story and takes it very seriously. Ashley is passionate about helping her clients be seen, be heard, and be well. 
Who can benefit from coaching? 
ALC Wellness believes everyone can benefit from empathetic support. To find out if coaching is right for you, book your complimentary consultation 

Is Coaching different from therapy?

Yes! Therapy is considered "the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means". Therapy is a more intensive, specialized support for mental disorders and is often focused on exploring past trauma. Ashley will make referrals to psychotherapists if a client expresses interest or need. Ashley is transparent within the coaching relationship that this support is not a replacement for trauma, addiction or severe mental health support.

What is Coaching?

Ashley views coaching as a form of individualized support that focuses on the present and future. Coaching allows a candid dialogue with an unbiased listener (which is Ashley!). The conversation within a coaching session is often focused on goals that are outlined early on in the process. These goals are determined by the client, based on their needs, hopes and dreams. It is Ashley’s role to support in the implementation of these goals, exploration of barriers that may be faced along the way and support in providing strategies to reach these goals and thrive in all aspects of life.  You are the expert of your life, and have the answers within you. Ashley will walk beside you on this journey and encourage you to look deep within yourself to find healing and wellness.