Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Is your POOP normal?

Many people feel embarrassed talking about what comes out of their “you know what”, but don’t realize how important this information is, especially to a naturopathic doctor. This is our “bread and butter”, if you will.

Well this post is for those of you who are too scared to talk about it, so lets break it down.

What comes out in our poop is a direct reflection of how our bodies are processing every single thing that we consume. Why is this important? Because if we are not processing our food properly, then we are not absorbing the important nutrients from our food that are required for our organs to properly function. Many people think what they are experiencing is “normal” because this has always been their experience.

Improper digestion can be the direct cause of: low energy, mood changes, skin issues (acne, eczema), bloating, gas, weight gain, and general feelings of “being unwell”

Our digestion is the ROOT of our health, so paying attention to our poop is just as important! Here are the general rules of thumb:

Your “normal” poop should be-

  • Easy to pass (around the consistency of toothpaste- can be slightly harder)
  • Brown in colour (light to dark)- for the most part, some foods can make stool change colour (remember when you eat beets or you’ll be in for a surprise)- don’t worry about a colour change unless it happens a couple days in a row
  • 2-3x per day (technically you should go after every meal)

Your “normal” poop should NOT

  • Have any blood (even in small amounts)
  • Have any mucous (will look like nose snot)
  • Have any undigested food (corn is okay)
  • Be too loose (it should be defined in the toilet bowl)
  • Be too hard (coming out in pebbles, have ridges)
  • Have pain or urgency


Yours in Health

Laura Pipher


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