Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

How to have a HEALTHIER commute !

Commuting to work 1hr+ each way is the reality for many people, and after a long day of work and driving all you want to do is grab a quick meal and curl up on the couch for the evening and watch some TV before going to bed and doing it all over the next day, am I right? 

I am currently commuting 1.5hrs each way to work, so trust me, I know the struggle! I have outlined a few tips which may make your commute a little more enjoyable and ensure that you can still be your healthiest self! 

Bring Breakfast

Before my drive, I like to make a smoothie so that I can sip on my breakfast as I commute. The usual ingredients I add to my smoothie include: a vegan protein (vega protein + greens), frozen fruit (I like berries- mixed berries or raspberries), a tablespoon of ground flaxseed, cashew or almond milk and cultured coconut yogurt.  You can always switch it up but I like to use this base as a starting point. 

Find a Podcast

The radio gets VERY boring when you are driving for long periods of time. I love finding a good mixture of educational (depending on your preferences) and hilarious podcasts so that I am prepared for any mood I may feel while sitting in traffic. I find that in the morning I am more likely to dive into my business and educational podcasts and at the end of a long day I opt for my comedy section. 

Mindfulness Apps is one of my favourite apps that offer free meditations you can listen to in your office (they only take a few minutes) or in your car on the way to and from work. These can help to decrease your stress levels or prepare you for the day ahead. 

Mind your posture 

When you are commuting 5 days a week the last thing you need is back pain as a result. While you drive be sure to stay mindful of your posture and make use of your headrest! This means sitting at the wheel with your head back against the seat (take note of how often your neck drifts forward). 

Bring Snacks

I always keep a stash of nuts and  granola bars  because speaking from experience driving while hungry is NOT ideal! Make sure your hunger does NOT turn into hanger while you make your way through the sea of cars in the morning. 


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Dr. Laura, ND

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