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1:1 Virtual Services

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**Pricing effective as of January 1st 2023 & is applicable to virtual visits ONLY**

Virtual naturopathic  visits are only offered to those located in Ontario, Canada. Your eligibility to begin or continue virtual visits will be evaluated at each visit & is at the discretion of Dr. Laura, ND.

All one-on-one naturopathic services are HST exempt and will be invoiced as naturopathic medicine and are billed separately. One-on-one services are not charged in a package. Direct billing for appointments is available for most insurance companies. Insurance coverage will vary by plan. It is the patient’s responsibility to determine their individual coverage. All services not covered by insurance will be paid by credit card.

All programs are NOT delivered as naturopathic medicine and are not eligible for insurance coverage. These online programs are ALL educational in nature and do not offer treatment or medical advice.