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Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

February 2021

HER Time of the month

This month in HER time of the month, we GO THERE. February is ALL about sex drive. You will have access to the following content:

  • PDF Recipe booklet. Download your recipes to improve your sex drive
  • LIVE Q&A House-call with Dr. Laura. In our members only private facebook group answering all of your questions about your sex drive, discussing causes for (& answers to) vaginal dryness & more!
  • PDF- HER time of the month newsletter  with content including:
    • Is your sex drive too low ?
    • Hormonal imbalances causing your low sex drive.
    • Could you be suffering from HSSD (including a Quiz)?
    • My top tips for improving your sex drive .

** All February content will be available for members to download until February 28th 2021**

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Are you suffering with your monthly cycle?

You are not alone!

Coming soon: our online program The Period Passport that’s designed to take you on a journey to a  healthier period.

Excited to start this journey with you, Dr.Laura Pipher