Gut Health & Mental Health

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  The gut brain connection is so important when it comes to your mental health. In this video learn about :  The connection between our gut and how we feel  The importance of blood sugar regulation  The latest research on gut health and mental health   How food plays a major role  Probiotics  ….and more !  […]

Hormone Testing 101

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 Have you ever tested your hormones? . If so, how ?     Has your doctor sent you for a blood test? Did they tell you to get your blood draw done on a certain day, or time of day ? . Were you able to get the information you needed from your testing ? […]

My Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Stress!

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My top 5 Tips for Managing your stress ! Are you finding yourself  stressed and overwhelmed ? . Did you know ? Many chronic diseases have actually been linked to long term stress ! . Here are my top 5 ways to manage stress : . ✨ Castor oil Packs – Castor oil helps facilitate relaxation and reduces inflammation . Castor oil […]

Obeso-what? How our environment is making us fat!

What is an obesogen? Are you eating healthy, exercising and still not losing weight? Your environment may actually be to blame!  Many people do not realize the impact that the environment can have on our hormones, and that many chemicals actually have the capability of disrupting hormones and preventing weight loss.  Our hormones help us […]

Tackling Your Sugar Cravings !

Tackling Your Sugar Cravings

Can we really be addicted to sugar? The answer is Definitely! Eating too much sugar leads to an increased risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, increased blood sugar (diabetes), and increased cholesterol).  So how can you combat your cravings?  Exercise Decreases food cravings Increases restraint when highly craved foods are present Natural antidepressant […]

The Doctor’s Kitchen- 10 Foods You’ll Always Find in my kitchen!

1 – Beets Beets are a great source of antioxidants, folate, magnesium, fibre, vitamin C and helps your liver in its detox pathways! I love adding regular cooked or pickled beets to salads, or just to eat on their own! 2- Avocado  Avocado has tons of healthy fats which help to keep you fuller, longer. […]

Keeping sane and stress free! (as much as possible..)

So midterm season has finally ended (thank god), and these past few weeks of studying have caused LOTS of stress and sleepless nights, not to mention cortisol levels THROUGH the roof (typical student life, I know). It seems that especially as a student, this comes in very distinct waves. The semester begins, everyone is relaxed, […]

How about choosing to be happy?

We’ve all been told (more than once I’m sure) that the keys to longevity are “eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke and sleep well”. Well these are all physical choices that we can actively make on a daily basis in order to increase our longevity, but what about our emotional choices? What if we just choose […]

Hydration is key!

Many people don’t give it a second thought, but water can be one of, if not the most important factor in maintaining good health! I thought I drank enough water, but it wasn’t until I started making an active attempt at increasing my water intake that I started to notice a huge difference! Increasing water […]