How your period can cause sleep issues

Do you experience sleep issues leading up to your period? Turns out they may be more common than you think. When you evaluate the menstrual cycle, you can easily break it up into two phases. In the first part of your period,  estradiol (estrogen) is your dominant reproductive hormone. In the second part of your […]

[Video/ Podcast episode] Estrogen, Insulin & Weight Loss

   Have you been struggling with weight management? Join Dr. Laura in this weight loss & hormones series, discussing how different hormones can make your weight feel impossible to lose. Learn about: the role Estrogen & Insulin play in your weight picture how your hormones change as you age the testing you should be […]

Weight loss series #1 – Why Eating healthy & exercising may not be enough.


Weight loss is something most people work hard towards achieving, however, sometimes feel like they are fighting a lose-lose battle with never seeing any results. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a blog series dedicated to weight loss and helping you understand the complex nature of weight loss that sometimes can make […]

Answers to your [Post menopausal] low libido !

Low libido is a very common concern affecting many post menopausal women & unfortunately interfering significantly with their quality of life!  Below are some ways in which your low libido can be addressed from a naturopathic perspective:  1. Improving vaginal lubrication – Estrogen is the main contributor to vaginal lubrication by supplying a healthy blood […]

Tips to BOOST Your Immune System This Winter!

Tired of the cold weather already? Give your immune system the boost it needs to fight back this winter with these 5 tips: Drink Green Tea with Lemon- Green tea has antioxidants and acts as an immunomodulator, helping your immune system fight any threats that may come its way!  (Green tea has many other health benefits […]

Could Your Cellphone Be Reducing Your Sleep Quality ??

Other than the obvious actually being on your phone or computer stopping you from getting to sleep, studies have shown that the type of light electronic devices emit (smart phones, tablets, computers), can actually decrease the ability to fall asleep at night by up to an extra hour!!! The body normally produces melatonin as a response […]