Why your postpartum period may be a raging b****

Everyone is always worried about that first postpartum period. When will it come? Will it be heavy? What if I’m breastfeeding? Can I still get pregnant if I don’t have my period? Well this all depends on a few factors Whether or not you are breastfeeding  Whether or not you are ovulating  Prolactin, the hormone […]

That postpartum symptom no one told you about…

Okay, I’m going to say it mama, postpartum hemorrhoids are real pain in the ***. When they told you about pregnancy, they DIDN’T tell you that even if you didn’t have constipation, pregnancy & postpartum hemorrhoids will [probably] happen, and once they do, well definitely won’t be going away on their own !  DID YOU […]

Dr. Laura’s Postpartum Test Checklist

Okay, so you just had a baby and you are feeling worn out, sleep deprived, and maybe even overwhelmed.  Becoming a mom is HARD, whether you are a first time mom or a mom of three, each pregnancy, labour, delivery (& child) comes with it’s unique challenges. All too often I see new moms come into my practice. […]