What’s Causing your Pre-Period night Sweats?

Do you suffer from pre-period night sweats? When my patients tell me about their night sweats, often their first question is “does this mean I am starting menopause”? . Often times these women are in their 20’s or 30’s, and certainly are not yet ready for this transition. Rest assured that there ARE other reasons […]

How your period can cause sleep issues

Do you experience sleep issues leading up to your period? Turns out they may be more common than you think. When you evaluate the menstrual cycle, you can easily break it up into two phases. In the first part of your period,  estradiol (estrogen) is your dominant reproductive hormone. In the second part of your […]

[Video/ Podcast episode] Estrogen, Insulin & Weight Loss

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   Have you been struggling with weight management? Join Dr. Laura in this weight loss & hormones series, discussing how different hormones can make your weight feel impossible to lose. Learn about: the role Estrogen & Insulin play in your weight picture how your hormones change as you age the testing you should be […]

[Video & Audio] How Estrogen Is impacted by your digestion

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  In this video I am talking about the importance of our gut bacteria in our hormone balance. Learn how estrogen impacts the good & bad bacteria in our gut & what that means for our hormone balance. I also discuss my top 3 tips that you can start implementing immediately to help beneficially modify […]

[Video/ Audio ] How Your Thyroid Could be Sabotaging your Weight loss efforts

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Is your thyroid sabotaging your weight loss efforts?  Are you getting the testing you need to ensure your thyroid is being fully evaluated?  Have you been told your “thyroid is fine” , but are still having trouble shedding excess weight?  Learn about what testing you should be getting done to fully evaluate your thyroid & […]

My Pregnancy Journey & The Things No one tells you

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   For those who do not already know, I am almost 6 months pregnant! (Time flies….. or does it..?) Join me as I get a little bit personal & talk about my experiences in pregnancy so far.  I am talking about : The symptoms that have nothing to do with morning sickness  The many […]

“The Skinny on Teatoxes”- Are they worth the investment?

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 Let’s talk “teatoxes”. These  popular teatoxes are easily found all over instagram and facebook ads promising to help you shed excess pounds, ditch the bloat, balance your hormones and bring you back to health after a period of indulgence. In this video I am breaking down “the skinny” on teatoxes and finding out:  What […]

Why I love Castor Oil!

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  Topically, castor oil is a go-to simple treatments for a variety of ailments including :  Constipation  Incorporate the topical application of castor oil as an addition to your constipation treatment protocol & your current nightly self care routine.  Note : This is topical application ONLY. Castor oil can increase menstrual blood flow so women […]

Do you suffer from Estrogen Dominance?

Have you ever heard of the the term Estrogen Dominance? It is a term often thrown around in naturopathic offices, but something a medical doctor would not normally diagnose a patient with. The term estrogen dominance, to some, implies that the problems are due to an estrogen excess. When your doctor runs your blood work, […]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How does insulin resistance fit in ?

insulin resistance in Polycystic ovarian syndrome

[ Grab your free blood sugar management guide here ! ] Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Insulin Resistance. When it comes to polycystic ovarian syndrome, the first thing most people think of is the hormone imbalances. With the irregular periods, acne, and unwanted hair there are obvious imbalances in sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen , progesterone), but what […]