Guilt FREE Snacks You’ll LOVE!

I love having something to munch on during my favourite movie, but its nice to have some healthier options when you don’t always want to be indulging. Here are a few ideas:  Popcorn with nutritional yeast I pop my own popcorn (get rid of the microwave popcorn) on the stove with either coconut or grapeseed […]

Non Hormonal birth control

If you suffer from side effects of hormonal birth control or are just looking to get off of hormones, it is important to look at all of your options and understand what is involved in each form of contraception. You can check out my guide to hormonal birth control HERE, and ensure you are informed […]

The NO List: What ingredients to AVOID in your beauty products!

When we shop for our beauty products things are already complicated enough! We have to ask ourselves SO MANY QUESTIONS! Everything from: Do I like this product? Does it achieve what I want it to achieve (ie. does my foundation make me break out, does it offer full coverage, does my shampoo give my hair […]

Answers to your [Post menopausal] low libido !

Low libido is a very common concern affecting many post menopausal women & unfortunately interfering significantly with their quality of life!  Below are some ways in which your low libido can be addressed from a naturopathic perspective:  1. Improving vaginal lubrication – Estrogen is the main contributor to vaginal lubrication by supplying a healthy blood […]

Everything you need to know about your HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL!

Over 100 million women across the globe take some form of birth control, yet many people don’t know how they work, or the many options available to them. Different forms of birth control can include: periods of abstinence, barrier contraception, hormonal methods, & non hormonal methods. Navigating the world of contraception can be a tricky […]

Tips to BOOST Your Immune System This Winter!

Tired of the cold weather already? Give your immune system the boost it needs to fight back this winter with these 5 tips: Drink Green Tea with Lemon- Green tea has antioxidants and acts as an immunomodulator, helping your immune system fight any threats that may come its way!  (Green tea has many other health benefits […]

Time To BUTT out?

It’s NATIONAL non smoking week .. what better time to start that new years resolution of quitting !  Need help??  Naturopathic Doctors offer many different tools to help you BUTT OUT including: Acupuncture – For relaxation, stress reduction, nervous system support Herbs & Supplements- For nervous system support, reducing cravings, restore deficiencies Dietary support- To […]

What’s in Your Breakfast?

With the wide array of options for breakfast meals, which one is best and how do you know? There are many different opinions about what is considered the “best breakfast”, and there are even books dedicated to teaching people how to consume cake for breakfast & lose weight (easy to buy into right?). Here is […]

Its Time To Grow Your Moustache!

November is here (already!), Wow!   Before we know it there will be snow on the ground and the smell of Christmas in the air! November is that lull between Halloween & Christmas and serves the amazing purpose of bringing awareness to men’s health issues including prostate & testicular cancer. Heres what you should know about […]