Why your anti-candida diet is not fixing your digestive concerns

The Anti Candida Diet The anti-candida diet is a dietary plan that is meant to help reduce the population of Candida, a type of yeast, in the body. Candida is a normal part of the microflora (microorganisms that live in the body) but can sometimes overgrow and cause problems, such as thrush or a yeast […]

That postpartum symptom no one told you about…

Okay, I’m going to say it mama, postpartum hemorrhoids are real pain in the ***. When they told you about pregnancy, they DIDN’T tell you that even if you didn’t have constipation, pregnancy & postpartum hemorrhoids will [probably] happen, and once they do, well definitely won’t be going away on their own !  DID YOU […]

[Video & Audio] How Estrogen Is impacted by your digestion

  In this video I am talking about the importance of our gut bacteria in our hormone balance. Learn how estrogen impacts the good & bad bacteria in our gut & what that means for our hormone balance. I also discuss my top 3 tips that you can start implementing immediately to help beneficially modify […]

“The Skinny on Teatoxes”- Are they worth the investment?

 Let’s talk “teatoxes”. These  popular teatoxes are easily found all over instagram and facebook ads promising to help you shed excess pounds, ditch the bloat, balance your hormones and bring you back to health after a period of indulgence. In this video I am breaking down “the skinny” on teatoxes and finding out:  What […]

Why I love Castor Oil!

  Topically, castor oil is a go-to simple treatments for a variety of ailments including :  Constipation  Incorporate the topical application of castor oil as an addition to your constipation treatment protocol & your current nightly self care routine.  Note : This is topical application ONLY. Castor oil can increase menstrual blood flow so women […]

5 Probiotic Foods

You’ve probably heard about all of the health benefits probiotics can provide you! Are you interested in knowing more about how you can increase probiotics in your diet? You’ve come to the right place !  Click HERE to get your FREE PDF    in health,  Dr. Laura, ND

Guilt FREE Snacks You’ll LOVE!

I love having something to munch on during my favourite movie, but its nice to have some healthier options when you don’t always want to be indulging. Here are a few ideas:  Popcorn with nutritional yeast I pop my own popcorn (get rid of the microwave popcorn) on the stove with either coconut or grapeseed […]

Want Clear Skin? Why It May Not Be as Simple as You’d Like

Walk into any drugstore, makeup boutique or spa and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of people giving you advice on your skin and how you should best treat it, most of which seems very conflicting, confusing and ends up being very costly.    “Your skin is too dry, use this moisturizer”, “This spot […]

Is your POOP normal?

Many people feel embarrassed talking about what comes out of their “you know what”, but don’t realize how important this information is, especially to a naturopathic doctor. This is our “bread and butter”, if you will. Well this post is for those of you who are too scared to talk about it, so lets break […]