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Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Are You Ready to Fall Back into Health?

As the days get shorter, the air gets crisper and the leaves change colour, some can feel the bone chilling cold of the winter is just around the corner, and others wait all year to finally see the beginnings of fall. Whichever side you may be, we all tend to get into the same sorts of patterns when fall comes around. The feeling is less carefree, as our cottage weekends and days getting too much sun and drinking too much sangria are replaced with pumpkin spiced everything, layers, and warm drinks, school starts back up and we are once again spending more time indoors. The change of season not only creates changes in our fashion and beverage choices, but also changes in our health!

With flu season around the corner, school causing children to spread infections like wild fire, and the cold weather making vitamin D that much harder to soak in, your immune system should be top priority! Getting proper education on infection prevention and immune system support during this time is crucial to ensuring you and your family, stay in proper health all year long!

A few immune boosting tips when fall comes around can include:

  • Reduce sugar (refined sugar from processed foods)
  • Cook soups and stews (crockpots are great for keeping in nutrients)
  • Increase your vitamin C
  • Ensure you are getting enough vitamin D (blood work is critical in deciding the appropriate dosages of vitamin D to prescribe)
  • Contrast showers! (During your shower turn the tap all the way to cold for 30 seconds (you can work your way up to this), back to warm, ending the shower on cold)

If you are interested in an individualized treatment plan for falling back into health this season or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Yours in health
Laura Pipher, BAS
Naturopathic Intern

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