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My Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Stress!

My top 5 Tips for Managing your stress !

Are you finding yourself  stressed and overwhelmed ? .

Did you know ?

Many chronic diseases have actually been linked to long term stress ! .

Here are my top 5 ways to manage stress : .
✨ Castor oil Packs – Castor oil helps facilitate relaxation and reduces inflammation . Castor oil (topically ) is also helpful for hormonal  support (check out my recent video all about castor oil packs )

 Movement – Exercise in a way that feels best for you .
✨ Meditation – try not to get discouraged if you feel like you are “doing it wrong” – the only person you are “competing against “ is yourself !.
 Learning to say NO 
 Self Care – do something for YOU – watching a show you love, spending time with your family etc … self care is NOT always drinking a glass of wine or taking a bath, self care can also be getting in the movement you know you need, or starting to meal prep so you have healthy food available for your week ! .

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