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3 Mistakes you might be making during peri menopause that impact your sleep

Navigating perimenopause can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Many women in this stage of life find that sleep disruptions are a common and frustrating issue. As a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health, I want to highlight three common mistakes that might be sabotaging your sleep and offer some tips on how to improve it.

Mistake 1: Ignoring Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormones play a significant role in regulating sleep. During perimenopause, fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels can disrupt sleep patterns. Many women overlook the impact of these hormonal changes on their sleep quality.

**Solution:** Consider getting individualized testing to understand your unique hormonal landscape. A personalized treatment plan can help balance your hormones and improve your sleep. Natural supplements or lifestyle changes, guided by a healthcare professional, can make a significant difference

Mistake 2: Sticking to old habits

As your body changes, old habits that once helped you relax and fall asleep may no longer be effective. Late-night TV shows or a glass of wine might now be interfering with your sleep rather than aiding it.

**Solution:** Develop a calming bedtime routine that caters to your current needs. Activities such as taking a warm bath, drinking soothing herbal tea, or reading a good book can help signal to your body that it’s time to wind down. Also, consider reducing your screen time before bed, as blue light can interfere with melatonin production.

Mistake 3: Overlooking stress and anxiety

### Mistake #3: Overlooking Stress and Anxiety

Perimenopause is a significant life transition that can bring about increased stress and anxiety. These feelings can negatively impact sleep, yet they are often overlooked in the quest for better rest.

**Solution:** Incorporate stress management techniques into your daily routine. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. If you find stress and anxiety particularly overwhelming, seeking professional support, such as talk therapy or naturopathic treatments, can be beneficial

Perimenopause is a unique journey for every woman, and finding what works best for you is essential. Addressing these common mistakes can lead to better sleep and overall well-being. If sleep is a struggle, remember that it’s an issue that can be addressed with the right support and strategies.

As a naturopathic doctor with years of experience in women’s health, I’m here to support you with evidence-based approaches and personalized care. Let’s work together to make this transition as smooth and empowering as possible.

Wishing you peaceful nights and revitalized days,

**Dr. Laura Pipher**

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need personalized advice. Your well-being is my top priority! 💖

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