This week’s Feature Food: PUMPKIN!


Who would have guessed that fall is my favourite season, and with that, comes PUMPKINS!

I figured with thanksgiving and all things pumpkin, this weeks feature food would be none other than the pumpkin itself !

Pumpkin can be involved in many sweet treats for the holidays, but it actually has some great health benefits as well !

Not only can it make some great pie, but pumpkin itself (without all of the added sugar) can also be a great source of:

  • Vitamin A- this is important for maintaining eye health & is a great antioxidant
  • Vitamin C- beneficial for the immune system, helps create collagen
  • Iron- help to build red blood cells,  essential component in making neurotransmitters
  • Fibre- keeps our bowel movements regular, maintains proper colon health

Once you’ve prepared your pumpkin puree don’t forget to roast the seeds for a snack with an added nutrient punch!

Pumpkin seeds contain:

  • Protein, and lots of it ! – this is important for building muscle & staying full after meals
  • Fibre- Even more than the pumpkin itself !
  • Magnesium- important for muscle function, cardiovascular, bone health & much more!
  • Healthy fats- important for brain health, mood, cardiovascular health
  • Zinc- great for immune function and skin health

So eat the entire pumpkin this Thanksgiving !

Yours in health,

Laura Pipher