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Can Exercise Decrease Cognitive decline???

Happy Thursday, why not start it off with a little sweat!? New research has established the connection between leg strength & cognitive function, stating that exercise can help prevent cognitive decline! This study found that those who exercised regularly had the least changes to memory, mental processing skills and had fewer brain changes associat ...

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Keeping sane and stress free! (as much as possible..)

So midterm season has finally ended (thank god), and these past few weeks of studying have caused LOTS of stress and sleepless nights, not to mention cortisol levels THROUGH the roof (typical student life, I know). It seems that especially as a student, this comes in very distinct waves. The semester begins, everyone is relaxed, healthy eating, exercising an ...

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Mental Illness or mental wellness? .. Erasing the stigma

There is a definite obsession in society today with the physical. When we are feeling "off", or "not ourselves", where does this come from? Our thoughts and emotions are never taken with as much urgency as our sores and pains... But why is that ? This problem exists not only in the social community but in the medical field as well. People ask concrete que ...

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