Physical Medicine

Do you suffer from... Back pain? Headaches? Joint pain? Workplace or sports injuries? Or Looking to speed up healing and recovery?

Dr. Laura treats patients suffering from many different types of pain and injury utilizing a variety of physical medicines including:

Electro-acupuncture (EA) & Acupuncture as trigger point release

Electroacupuncture is performed by attaching a device to an acupuncture needle and sending a stimulating electrical current set by the practitioner through the needle into the tissue. Some of the research on electro-acupuncture has found beneficial results for reducing post operative pain, migraine pain (reducing pain, frequency and psychological profile), Joint pain (including reducing inflammatory markers in rheumatoid arthritis patients), Inflammation (including plantar fasciitis & carpal tunnel syndrome), constipation, chronic back pain, and injury (including those related to motor vehicle accidents). Acupuncture as trigger point release uses needles to insert directly into taut muscles to elicit a local twitch and facilitate relaxation of the muscle.

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Hydrotherapy is the use of hot and cold water in order to support healing, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. These treatments can easily done at home as part of a holistic treatment plan for resolving inflammation and injury.

What makes Naturopathic Medicine different?
In addition to whichever modality works best for your specific injury, an at home stretching & exercise plan may also be indicated. Naturopathic medicine uses a well-rounded holistic approach ensuring to look at the entire person as opposed to just the specific pain or injury. Many of these modalities can be combined with other treatments including supplements and herbal therapies internally and topically, creating an individualized treatment plan. Physical modalities may also be combined with conventional treatment plans in order to augment healing and recovery alongside other healthcare providers.

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