Nutritional Counselling


With the infinite amount of conflicting information available on the internet, it is no wonder people have no idea what they should be eating and which supplements they should be taking!

Dr. Laura believes that individualized lifestyle and dietary improvements are the cornerstone to any healing journey. 

An initial appointment will give Dr. Laura an overview of a patient's individual conditions, goals, and preferred treatment strategies. Lifestyle interventions often include a form of physical activity which best suits the patients lifestyle with coaching and resources in order to achieve this. Dietary interventions are created based upon a patient's individual health requirements mindful of suspected food sensitivities, allergies, taste preferences and manageability. Patients are often given a week-long diet diary to fill out so Dr. Laura is able to assess which requirements are not being adequately met and assist the patient with the best ways to correct these. Along with ensuring individual nutrient needs are being met from the diet, Dr. Laura uses the best available research in order to prescribe specific supplements and nutrients effective in treating a variety of conditions.

Although available over the counter, supplements must be prescribed at a specific dose and checked for interactions with foods and medications in order to be considered safe and effective. Dr. Laura ensures patients are well educated on their condition and she is well versed on which supplements and dosages are safe, effective, and will work harmoniously with a patient's comprehensive treatment plan.

Still unsure what to eat? Not a problem! Dr. Laura can also develop individualized meal plans for patients with specific recipes to follow.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat better, or optimize your healing journey, Laura will help you achieve your goals one step at at at time ! 

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