Fees & Intake Forms

Regular Visits

Initial Visit

60 min


Comprehensive Hormone Initial Visit

60 min

$510 (includes testing)

Second Visit

45 min


Regular Follow up

30 min


Extended Follow up

60 min


Initial Couples Appointment

90 min [Fertility]


Follow up Couples Appointment

60 min [Fertility]


For prospective patients- Complementary 15-minute meet & greet

Specific Services

Initial Acupuncture

45 min

Pricing is for non patients first visit & those looking to only do acupuncture treatments


30 min

For existing patients

B12 injections

5-10 min

For existing patients

Prescribing Appointment

15 min

*For bioidentical hormone monitoring follow up

Yearly Physical

30 min

*for Patients & non patients
$85 (+labs)

All services are HST exempt and will be invoiced as naturopathic medicine. Direct billing is available for most insurance companies at Elements Naturopathic and Wellness Centre. 

Note: Dr. Laura does not direct bill for virtual visits- these receipts can be submitted to insurance companies for reembursement 

**Pricing effective as of January 1st 2020**

What you need to do before your first appointment

Download each form, fill it out, and remember to bring it to your first appointment

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