Young woman in bed and using her smartphone
Dr. Laura Pipher

Dr. Laura Pipher

Could Your Cellphone Be Reducing Your Sleep Quality ??

Other than the obvious actually being on your phone or computer stopping you from getting to sleep, studies have shown that the type of light electronic devices emit (smart phones, tablets, computers), can actually decrease the ability to fall asleep at night by up to an extra hour!!!

The body normally produces melatonin as a response to darkness, causing us to relax, and ultimately fall asleep, but when we are scrolling through instagram and facebook as a means of relaxing before bed, this can actually be doing the opposite! The light emitted is on the blue end of the spectrum (similar to that of sunlight), which causes us to be more alert and suppresses melatonin production. This makes sense since we usually need to be awake during the day, but with all these mixed signals around bed time our bodies can get confused.

So turning off the cellphone before bed could increase your quality of sleep, and if you’re too addicted to your devices and need to use them before bed (guilty!!), there are some apps you can download which reduce the blue light.

Happy sleeping !

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