Virtual Visits/ Telemedicine

Virtual Visit Benefits


Are you a busy parent, constantly coordinating schedules and feeling like there is no time left at the end of the week?  Down-time feels like it should be just that, down time. On top of everything else, where do you find the time to prioritize your own health? With virtual visits, you can tackle your healthcare goals with your naturopathic doctor from the comfort of your own home, because what's better than that?


Feel secure in your virtual visit as all video and phone chats offer end to end encryption, allowing complete privacy for all communications with your naturopathic doctor.


Virtual visits allow schedule flexibility beyond regular office hours. Dr. Laura books her virtual visits by appointment only, however visits can be offered during weekdays, evenings and weekends.

So how does it work?

Book your virtual visit

Click here to Book Your virtual visit ! Once you set up an appointment time, Dr. Laura will send you all of the necessary forms & instructions for next steps.


** Please note- Virtual visits are only offered to patients located in the province of Ontario

Complete your visit

Payment will be taken at the end of each visit (see Fees & forms for updated pricing ) securely through ONCALL.

Visits will be billed as naturopathic services & naturopathic medicine is HST exempt.

Each patient will receive a detailed receipt of their appointment including the visit cost, and any supplements or lab fees applicable for the visit. Receipts can be submitted to insurance companies for those with naturopathic coverage under their extended healthcare benefits.

*Please note- it is the patient's responsibility to check with their insurance provider for specific coverages and limitations

Begin Your Health Journey!

Begin your recommended treatment plan as per Dr. Laura's instructions. Supplements ordered can be shipped right to your door for your convenience. Any paperwork to be filled out will be sent directly to you with further instructions.